Estate Management

The Business of Estate Management

How do you ensure your block of flats or housing development is maintained to a high standard in the most cost efficient way?

The answer is to appoint a first class managing agent with a proven track record in the highly specialised field of Estate Management.

The management and administration of purpose built blocks of flats, converted houses and privately run residential estates is a quite unique form of property management requiring specialised skills and in-depth knowledge of legislation not normally found within the average residential estate or letting agency.

You will find that having a local agent to look after your property brings you the benefit of being able to talk to managers with local knowledge who can respond very quickly to your issues and concerns.

Clients come to us when they no longer wish to continue with the onerous responsibilities of running an estate themselves, or if they are having trouble with their existing management company. We can supply personal recommendations from our existing clients in the local area to give you confidence that we do provide an excellent service.

Property Management

We understand that every estate is different. That is why we always develop tailored property management to make sure you get exactly the right services.

Estate Management Clients can expect:

  • Personal Service. Unlike larger national management companies we offer a personal service with professional staff who know your property, have local knowledge and are interested in resolving your problems.
  • Access to our contractors many of who are below the VAT threshold which helps to keep service charge costs to a minimum
  • Organise cleaning of communal areas
  • Organise garden maintenance
  • Annual budget prepared and agreed with the directors
  • Planned maintenance programs.
  • Collection and accounting of service charges including arrears
  • Prompt attention to repairs and emergencies
  • Regular site visits
  • Arranging and attend annual AGMs
  • Payment of accounts and invoices
  • Acting as Company Secretary

Should you wish to discuss your particular Estate or have any queries please contact us on 01753 794606.